psychic readings

Relationships / Career / Family / Money / Balance Communication

A Psychic Reading can be intense. A lot of information in a short amount of time. The time can co so fast and with so much information, you might forget things that you wanted to ask. Write down your questions ahead of time, while asking your guides for clear answers. Be prepared to take notes so that you can remember everything that was talked about. Don't be afraid to ask questions! It doesnt do you any good to misunderstand, or not understand what you are being told during a session

What I will not read on

Medical questions. I am not a medical intuitive. Please do not ask me about your health or if you are pregnant.

Legal questions. I do not know laws, and my intipritation of what I am seeing or feeling will not always be correct.

Private information about other people. You see a lot of psychics that claim to be psychic spys. I am not one of them. Because I work with Guides, there are limitation on what information will be reveiled about others. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone where getting readings on private things about you that were none of their business. I read with integrity.

A note on timing. I will give time frames during a session if they are given to me. However, remember that the future is fluid, not static. So if I tell you that something needs to be done, like your own healing work, and you do not do the work, my timing wont be correct.